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YT lays down on the bed with considerable relief. It makes her hurt less, although it doesn't make her stop hurting entirely. Now that the adrenaline's draining away, taking her frantic energy with it, she feels like shutting her eyes and taking a hundred-year nap.

But she can't do that, time freeze or no. Max offered to help her and it wouldn't be fair to him. Besides, she left her plank somewhere in the Narcolumbian franchise and she's eager to get it back. Last but not least, she's afraid of chickening out if she puts this off for too long.

"So how does this work, anyway?" she asks Max. Not that she'll understand the answer or anything, probably.
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The doc said YT is okay for skateboarding practice, as long as she doesn't do anything too crazy, so she's been just sort of cruising over the hills. She's roaming further than usual, because she's looking for someone.

She hasn't seen the kung fu chick since she went to the infirmary the other day. YT's kind of curious about her. And she also wants to learn her name, if possible. Maybe learn some of that cool stuff she was doing. After all, YT's planning to join a war effort soon, and afterward, being able to fight like that - or at least half so well, maybe even a quarter - would certainly be useful in her own world.

YT returns to the spot where she first saw the kung fu girl practicing, hoping that maybe she's back there today.


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